We offer financial education on the responsible use of money and credit management skills. Our financial education modules are designed and catered to fit specific life events.
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Service Introduction

Financial education has never been more important in today's environment. Participating effectively in the financial system can improve the economic wellbeing of individuals and businesses. Financial education is therefore key so that members of our society will benefit from the financial system and from the new technologies that are transforming our financial landscape. It will help consumers to better understand the risks involved in managing their finances and will facilitate better financial decision making. Building a generation with financial competence therefore needs to start from an early age. This has been the motivation of Bank Negara Malaysia in the development of AKPK to be the agency in providing financial education to adult consumers.

As part of the efforts to promote financial literacy and sound financial management by members of the public, AKPK has specially designed programmes targeted to all life stages starting from the young adults in tertiary education right up to the senior citizens in their retirement with the aim of empowering these groups to effectively manage their finances. This will in turn contribute towards promoting better protection for financial consumers and a more resilient household sector.

Our Financial Education modules are centred on an individual's life stages as indicated below:

AKPK FE Tertiary

Stage 1 - Tertiary

AKPK FE Entering Workforce

Stage 2 - Entering Workforce

AKPK FE Starting & Raising Family

Stage 3 - Starting & Raising Family

AKPK FE Retirement

Stage 4 - Retirement

We provide financial education to various organisations and higher learning institutes. (Please refer to our Online Booking System to book a session with us)

We would be able to conduct these sessions at your organisation.

Our Mission

AKPK’s mission is to “Make Prudent Financial Management A Way Of Life”. It is our objective to proactively ensure that Malaysians continue to be resilient and prudent in managing their finances. Thus, we have published books for easy reading on financial matters and it is available in four languages at a very minimal cost.

Our Online Learning

Wanting fast and accurate information accessible at all times has become the trend and need of the current times. As such, AKPK has its own online learning site to provide financial education at your fingertips.

Questions of should I buy a car now…or how could I save are some of the financial decisions we would often think about. Browse through our ask.akpk.org.my to learn more about the best way to manage your finances.