Regain control of your life and your debts. Through AKPK’s Debt Management Programme (DMP), our financial advisors will work with you to develop a personalised debt repayment plan in consultation with your financial service providers.
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Individuals who are unable to manage their debts on their own and satisfy the basic qualifying criteria can be enrolled into AKPK’s Debt Management Programme (DMP).

AKPK’s DMP aims to help those who are distressed by their financial obligations to financial service providers under the purview of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

About DMP

What is a DMP?

A personalised debt repayment plan for individual customers developed in consultation and agreement with Financial Institutions (FIs) involved

Who is entitled?

Any individual who satisfies the DMP criteria of:

  • not being a bankrupt
  • not being in an advanced stage of litigation
  • having sufficient net disposable income after meeting one’s expenses, and
  • having a total debt size of not more than RM5 million
What does the DMP process entail?
  • The borrower is encourage to attend 30 minutes public briefing + question and answer at our premises or branches accorded with public briefing
  • For branch without public briefing, the borrower may discuss with our financial advisors immediately
  • The borrower shares his/her financial predicament with AKPK's financial advisor
  • A review of the borrower's monthly expenses is done with a view to identify potential savings
  • All loan/financing facilities and latest loan/financing balances are declared by the borrower
  • Negotiations take place between AKPK and financial institutions on behalf of the borrower
  • Issuance of DMP confirmation letter by AKPK 
  • You may ask to sign the Supplementary Letter Offer (SLO) by your financial institutions upon approval of DMP
Documents required during Financial Advisory Session
  • Latest CCRIS Report from Bank Negara Malaysia (printable at all our branches)
  • Latest loan/financing statements for all facilities
  • Latest salary slip if employed
  • If self-employed, please provide the prove of your income such as latest bank statement, EPF statement (if any), any evidence of cost and income of the business
  • Any legal documents if any
Consequences of enrolling into DMP
  • Withdrawal of credit lines
  • Obtaining of new credit while enrolled in DMP is subject to Financial Service Providers' discretion
What are the determinants for a successful DMP?

Any individual who satisfies the DMP criteria of:

  • Strong will and determination in wanting to get back on track and move on with life
  • Discipline in making payments as scheduled
  • Lifestyle adjustment 
  • Willingness to make sacrifices for future freedom from debt
Under what circumstances DMP come to end?
  • TERMINATED due to non-payment
  • SETTLED upon early or normal settlement
  • WITHDRAWN when requested by the borrowers or 
  • WITHDRAWN upon notification of borrower’s bankruptcy or death