ARKIB : 10/05/2010


Who said women spend more? The fact is, according to the Counseling and Credit Management Agency (AKPK), men are actually spending more.

Yes, men may spend more but women are equally spending more, right?


The problem with men is that they may not be capable in managing their money. They spend without using their head. Women are the opposite.


Mothers and wives give priority to the welfare of the households more than anything else.


Back to the study by AKPK, such trend is worrying. There are cases that show the young who just reached the 30s, in debt to the tune of hundreds of thousands.


Many of them are trapped and forced to meet the AKPK to help solve their problems.


Generally their problems come about on overspending with credit cards. Many of the card holders choose to pay the minimum and this will cause the interest to overshoot. This will in the end become the rope that ties their neck.


Awang hopes that Bank Negara can monitor the financial institution that offers credit cards arbitrarily without considering the capacity of the card holders to pay back.


Awang — stingy but not tightfisted