FC Financial Counselling AKPK


Managing your money wisely is an important skill to acquire so that you can spend within your means and achieve your financial goals.

Available to all individuals, free of charge

Here at AKPK, we offer one-to-one advice on managing your finances wisely:


Money Management

Credit-related Issues

Learn how to handle debts and other financial matters responsibly to ensure your future today.

Reach us via: https://services.akpk.org.my

Our Financial Advisory Schedule

Branches Day / Time
All AKPK Branches

Monday to Friday

9.00AM - 4.00PM

Kuala Lumpur Branch

Monday to Friday

9.00AM - 4.00PM

Saturday (closed during MCO)

9.00AM - 1.00PM

Kota Bharu & Kuala Terengganu

Sunday to Thursday

9.00AM - 4.00PM

We are closed on public holidays

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