Dewan Rakyat Sitting: 2,316 individuals saved from bankruptcy


Excerpt from NTV7’s 7Edition dated 11 October 2012


The house was told today that the Credit Counselling and Debt Management AKPK has saved 2 thousand 316 individuals from bankruptcy involving debts of 72.5 million ringgit.


AKPK through its specifics programme, provides services such as financial management, rescheduling of loans, credit counselling and financial education for loan borrowers and guarantors who have difficulty paying back loans.


Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek said this when replying to a question from Bukit Katil MP Datuk Md Sirat Abu.


He said until August this year, 196 thousand 14 individuals benefited from the services provided by AKPK.68 percent of those involved were earning less than 3,000 ringgit a month.


AKPK an agency set up by Bank Negara has started operations since 2006.