Solve your financial woes


Article from The Star dated 21 October 2013


Everyone is feeling the heat with the cost of living rising. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that we learn to manage our finances better.


Under an initiative supported by Bank Negara Malaysia, 988 is collaborating with Agensi Kaunseling Dan Pengurasan Kredit (AKPK, Credit Counselling And Debt Management Agency) to educate the public on this topic.


Whether you’re interested in making, saving or investing money, tune in to 988’s Yuet Lei Yuet Dor Choi (Prosperity Beckons When You Take Charge) every Thursday from 8am to 9am to get expert advice on managing finances and budget planning.


If you’re constantly facing money woes, the simple and practical financial tips should come in handy.


In this 60-minute show, AKPK representative will discuss financial issues commonly faced by the public, with tips on how to overcome them.


Listeners also stand a chance to win RM200 by participating in the show’s SMS contest. Questions will be based on the content of the show. Suria FM will also air a similar show called Doktor Wang Suria every Tuesday from 8am to 9am.