AKPK, A Saviour To Those In Debts


Article taken from New Sunday Times


They each contemplated suicide. But a good Samaritan showed them that their financial woes could be overcome by going to the debt management agency.

“We had nowhere to turn to and had become social outcast because of our debts. I was a well-respected senior naval officer in Malaysia before I moved to England,” said 73 years old aliff (not his real name).

“My financial worries started some time after my wife died right before of my eyes during a snatch theft robbery when we returned to Malaysia for a vacation.”

That was more than a decade ago.

He didn’t have a job and was using up his savings and credit cards. When he got into credit card debts, Aliff’s life spiralled out of control.

He became a social outcast, and his family was of no help o him.

Totally abandoned and almost giving up on life, Aliff’s life changed when a house guest told him to seek the assistance of AKPK, to help settle his debts.

“My credit card debts were about RM 19,000. I accumulated the debts because I have no job, and had to use the credit cards to pay my bills.”

In the four years Aliff joined the AKPK programme, he has been able to settle some RM 13,000.

“I am living within my means and know what are my wants and needs. At the end of the day, what is important is the  fact that we should cut our coat according to the cloth we have.”

International banker Simon will never trust others with his money and investments.

His world come crashing down on coming home from his overseas posting when he found out that his business partner had wiped out his finances and helped himself to his money, using his credit cards.

“I came home to a mountain of debt, some RM 520,000 worth of debts, My business partner ran our company to the ground and took off with my money. There was nothing I can do about it.”

With banks and lawyers breathing down his neck for money, Simon had no choice but to downgrade his lifestyle.

He had to sell his house to pay back the money and his wife was forced to go back to work, to help pay the bills.

“There was resentment, of course, but we are working out things slowly. I have been looking for my business partner but he has disappeared with my money,” said Simon.

Former bank employee Segaran’s problems started when his wife met with an accident, which almost killed her.

Her treatment and other family matters saw Gunasegaran’s debts spiralling up to RM150,000. Having nowhere to turn to, he wanted to end it all by killing himself.

“When you are overwhelmed with financial problems and have nowhere to turn to, suicide becomes an option.”

“Luckily, I turned to AKPK for help. They have been a great help to me and in June this year, I managed to settle all my debts.”

“The best news in the last couple of years is that my wife had made a complete recovery from the injuries she sustained in the accident.” Said Segaran.

Now, as a couple, Segaran and his wife were looking forward to enjoying their life with their children, as their financial woes are over.

“My wife and children have been my pillar of strength. I have saved some money for my children’s tertiary education and I am grateful to the people at AKPK who have helped me tremendously.”