Keningau events for youths



Alor Setar: The sixth edition of the annual youth art festival, Voice Art 2016, will be held on Oct 29 from 10.30am to 5pm at Keningau Mall.

This year, the festival, which provides a platform for youths in Sabah to express not only their talent via the various mediums of art but also to raise awareness on related issues, will focus on knowledge, in line with its theme 'Knowledge Brings Change'.

Organising Chairman Kelvin Soimin said recent issues such as education debt, unethical recruitment of students into private institutions by irresponsible parties and the lack of emphasis on skills-based training could have been curbed if only youths are aware of their rights, options and the system.

"Voice Out would like to reiterate to the youths that formal and informal education provides us with knowledge about the world. It paves the way for a good career, helps build character, leads to enlightenment and lays the foundation of a stronger nation.

"Voice Out hopes to create awareness through the many areas of art, activities and music that will be showcased during Voice Out," he said.

The highlight of the festival will be a public forum entitled 'Knowledge Brings Change' which will feature a well-known local contemporary painter and filmmaker Harold "Egn" Eswar and three other panellists.

There will also be a "Financial Management" talk by Credit Counselling and Debit Management Agency (AKPK) for students.

Free courses are also being offered to the youths by participants of the Skills or Education Expo.

Visitors can consider various courses from Tambunan Community College, Jari Jari Spa Training Academy, Ascot Academy, Sabah Skills and Technology Centre, Montfort Youth Training Centre and Advanced Management College.

Entertainment for the day will come in the form of performances by local talent and film screenings.

There will be acoustic music, dance and an exciting skateboard demonstration.

Films to be screened are Harold Egn Eswar's first film 'Abingkoi', about a teenage native girl living in the rainforest facing a sudden change in life which tests her family's financial status and 'Unsilent Potato', a thought provoking documentary from Burma by Sein Lyan Tun about a young disabled Karen ethnic girl who was raped by her neighbour in 2014.

She was determined to seek justice instead of accepting monetary compensation from the man who had raped her.

The case was deferred until 2016 when the family finally decided to let the world know of Potato's devastating story to raise awareness about the rights of women and the disabled.

"The festival will also be joined by independent art groups such as Tamu-Tamu and Tapuk-Tapuk.

They will be facilitating a craft and sign language workshop.

"Pangrok Sulap, Buku Jalanan, local art and craft enthusiasts as well as local entrepreneurs will also be present to exhibit and sell their handiwork.

"Last but not least, for those who have not registered as a voter, Secretariat Anak Muda Sabah will be opening a booth for registration," he said.