AKPK Propagates Financial Education On World Savings Day



KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 (Bernama) -- The Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) will continue to create awareness and propagate financial education among Malaysians in line with its vision to create a more resilient household.

In a statement today, AKPK said, this will lead to a better management of financial planning as well as encourage the habit of savings in the society.

And with the "World Savings Day" today, AKPK has created various contents to encourage savings, such as articles, infographics and even videos for consumers, that can be viewed in its website www.akpk.org.my and AKPK Official Facebook page.

The objective of "World Savings Day", which was first celebrated in Milano, Italy in 1924, was to promote savings and inculcate the habit in people all over the world.

"AKPK has developed a range of financial education videos, articles and infographics for social media, exclusively for World Savings Day," it said.

With the cooperation of financial institutions and strategic partners, this opportunity is seized to develop awareness and instil financial knowledge in consumers, for a more financially-savvy society.

Meanwhile, the development of AKPK's first short film, 'Tabung Masa Depan', is to educate and spread awareness to the public on how important it is for an individual to have savings and for a better future despite their hardship in life.

This film displays emotional triggers to hook the targeted segment quickly and get them engaged.

"It has always been AKPK's aspiration to become a household name in promoting financial wellness. We now act as a catalyst to inspire and empower people to engage with their finances and start their own journeys," said AKPK.