Targeted Repayment Assistance


FAQs on Enhancements to the Targeted Repayment Assistance (TRA) as announced in our National Budget by the Minister of Finance on 6 November 2020.

The Enhancements to the TRA refer to the three (3) months deferment of monthly repayment OR six (6) months reduction of monthly repayment by 50% subject to the terms and conditions.

These enhancements are addition to those previously announced for those who have lost their jobs, and for individuals and SMEs (microenterprises) whose incomes have been affected by the pandemic.
Yes, AKPK adopts these enhancements to the TRA as an additional repayment assistance for existing B40, microenterprises and individual borrowers in its Debt Management Programme (DMP) for loan facilities approved before 1 October 2020 and not in arrears for more than 90 days at the time the request for repayment assistance is made.
Yes. Existing borrowers under DMP need to confirm their options and apply through the normal process via AKPK's website between 23 November 2020 and 30 June 2021. Please click this link : for the application form please be guided accordingly.

In the case of SMEs, please contact your respective banks to request for the TRA. Meanwhile, for microenterprises, you can alternatively approach AKPK Micro Help Desk for advice and submission of TRA requests. Please log on to:
All loan facilities managed under DMP whereby the monthly instalments are payable to AKPK are eligible for TRA application.
Yes, these loan facilities are also eligible. However, in this case, borrowers are advised to deal directly with their respective financial institutions to seek TRA approval.
It is not advisable. Please continue paying the instalments as normal. The TRA is actually meant for borrowers who are in dire needs and are currently facing cash flow difficulties arising mainly from the pandemic.
Yes, both incentives under the TRA will involve additional interest/profit charged to borrowers, and the repayment tenure will be extended accordingly.
• If there are no arrears in repayment and the last payment for October 2020 has been settled timely, the next repayment will commence in February 2021―after the three months deferment i.e. November 2020 to January 2021.

In the case of 50% reduction in repayment incentive, the revised loan instalment will be payable from November 2020 to April 2021 (six months tenure), and the instalment would be back to normal (full instalment) from May 2021 onwards.
No. Currently, the arrangements will be in line with the approved terms and conditions announced in the National Budget 2021.

Dated: 21 November 2020